Medical Treatment

The most recent medical treatment and with excellent results in both men and women are the microinjections of dutasteride in the follicular root. The procedure is minimally invasive, performed with local anesthesia and involves injecting the drug into the scalp. It should be applied every 2 to 3 months getting an increase in the density and thickness of the hair. Because the dose of the drug is lower than oral treatment, the side effects related to sexual performance do not occur.

Camuflaje Cosmético de Pelo

Cosmetic Hair Camouflage

This is a very new hair micropigmentation technique that consist of tattooing each hair in the dermis of the scalp. The surgeon is responsible for drawing the correct line of implantation so that it looks totally natural. A local anesthetic is placed during the process and it takes between 2 to 3 sessions of 3 to 4 hours each to achieve a perfect coverage.

During the process, our professionals specialized in the technique introduce special pigments of the same color of the patient’s natural hair, which are bio-resorbable and do not change their color with the passage of time. The results are immediate, very natural and last for 3 years. It has no side effects.

Eyebrow Camouflage

This technique, also known as microblading, consists in increasing the density of the eyebrows by painting each hair one by one using a special bio-resorbable pigment of the same color as natural eyebrows.

The specialist follows the design made by the facial surgeon, to achieve a completely natural looking and keep the symmetry and beauty of the face. The pigmentation follows the natural direction of the eyebrow and is performed under local anesthesia in a session of 2 hours, the results are immediate, very natural and last 1 year without side effects.