Eyebrow, Beard and Eyelash Transplant

The hair follicles obtained from the different donor areas can be used to restore other affected zones, for example the eyebrows where hair follicles are implanted to improve the direction and angle of the brows, allowing a very natural look on people that for several reason have suffered from hair loss in the area (constant depilation, shaving, accidents, burns etc).

It is also possible to restore the areas of the beard where there is a lack of hair, thsi results in a more uniforme and rich appearance.

In patients that have suffered from eyelash loss, equally as a result of accidents, burns, it is possible to carry out a hair follicle transplant to allow the growth of the lashes and allow for a more naturak and expresive look.

When the hair follicles are transplantet to this areas it is necesary to trim the lashes regulary, due to the hairs growing longer than the normal lenght.This can be beneficial for some patients who can choose which is their prefered length.

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Eyebrow Transplant Technique (micrograft of individual hair)

Eyebrow transplant is a safe and aesthetical procedure. For the correct use of this technique, factors such as the natural growth pattern, the angle almost plain from where the hair emerges, the life cycle of the hair and the individuality of the hair have to be taken into account.

This techique starts with the design of the eyebrow than enhaces and benefit the face of the patient, Only individual folicles in the receptive areas are to be used.

Eyebrow Transplant Procedure

The hairs have to rotate to follow the natural shape of the eyebrow. The hair to be transplanted has to be taken from areas that exhibit similar hair characteristics such as thickness and texture, ( normally from the back and behing the ear), the cosmetic results of this procedure are exeptional and long lasting, the transplanted hair has a cycle of 3 to 7 years, compared with the normal eyrbrow hair life cycle (4 moths).

For this reason the trasnplanted hairs have to be regulary trimmed, its important to understand that due to this routine the hair orientation and angle of the eyebrow could present changes overtime.

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Bear Transplant Technique (FUE and BTH)

For this procedure the extraction of the follicular units is carried out,(FUE). The individual follicles are extracted normally from the back of the head and follicle extraction from th body (BHT) from the cheast and legs.The procedure starts with a beard design, according to the patients needs and requirements, the hair is transplanted always taking into account the direction and the angle of the beard, this will result in a more natural look.

The results of a beard transplant a aesthetic and longlasting. The recovery period is very fast and the secundary effects include, redness of the area, swelling, increase sensitivity during a week after the transplant.The hairs implanted fall after 2 weeks, giving place to new hair growth. This tratment could prove very beneficial to patients with burns, scars or other skin traumas, mainly because covers such areas in good proportion.

Eyelashes Transplant Technique

This is a very safe and effective technique that permanentely restores eyelashes (lenght,density and thickness). The procedure is carried out under local anesthesic and 1 hour and a half is required for each eyelid.

Individual follicule units are extracted form the top of the head of the patient and the transplanted in the eyelid area via microsurgery.A curved needle is used to insert the hairs in the eyelid. In one session about 20 to 100 follicles can be implanted per eyelid, the new hair will grow with the same properties of the hair extracted.

The aesthetic results of the Eyelash transplant are efective and longlasting, with a survival rate of hair of 100%. The recovery period is fast and the side effects are minimal. Swelling and itching are also minimal and disapear after few days.