Cosmetic eyelash voluminization

This cosmetic technique is performed in a safe medical environment, where medical-grade antiallergic products are used. The technique increases the volume of the natural eyelashes by placing the cosmetic lashes one by one. The shape of the eye is respected, the color, thickness and natural length of the eyelashes are maintained so that they look very natural.

The voluminization of cosmetic eyelashes is accompanied by the constant care of natural eyelashes, respecting their growth cycle and preserving natural nutrition and hydration, which is why products such as eyelash conditioners are used throughout the process to help care and maintain health, stimulate health. Growth, length and density of natural eyelashes.


Beautiful and Immediate Results

The results of this technique are beautiful and immediate for both men and women, the duration is 1 to 2 months and the placement time is about one hour for each eye.

To avoid the misuse, abuse or overuse of cosmetic eyelashes, strong adhesives and the placement of very long or very thick eyelashes should be avoided, as they can cause side effects such as swelling of the eyelids due to hypersensitivity to glue vapors, redness of the eyes, corneal lesions and traction alopecia.