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We have the most advanced and innovative techniques of hair loss. Our diagnostic services include hormonal, nutritional, hematological profiles and advanced tricoscopic analysis. For the initial treatment we offer the transfer of stem cells to regenerate, stimulate and restore t he hair follicles, eyebrows and eyelashes. We perform the hair trasplant using the advanced technique FUE (extraction of follicular units) without scars, damage of the donor area. We also offer transplantation of eyebrows, eyelashes and beard permanently. Finally, we offer complementary tratments such as cosmetic camouflage, cosmetic eyelash volumizing and medical treatment.


Stem Cell Hair Restoration


Hair Transplant. Fue, Fuh, Bht Techniques


Eyebrow Transplant


Beard Transplant


Eyelash Transplant


Voluminization of Eyelashes