Hair Restoration with Stem Cells

This is a new technique using stem cell therapy from cells that are derived from the fat cells of a patient,such fat material is obtained from a liposuccion procedure. The material extracted is processed and the stem cells obtained. These stem cells are rich in mesenchymal stem cells and growth factors,which makes them an ideal option for the treatment of areas affected by hair loss.The result is evidenced by an increase in the quantity and the quality of the hair due to an estimulation of the receptor tissue.

The use of stem cells is considered as the ideal treatment for hair loss in the future, this is mainly due to its capabilities of restoring, trasnforming and repairing tissues with cells that have been obtained from the same organism.

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We have the most advanced and innovative techniques of hair loss. Our diagnostic services include hormonal, nutritional, hematological profiles and advanced tricoscopic analysis. For the initial treatment we offer the transfer of stem cells to regenerate, stimulate and restore t he hair follicles, eyebrows and eyelashes. We perform the hair trasplant using the advanced technique FUE (extraction of follicular units) without scars, damage of the donor area. We also offer transplantation of eyebrows, eyelashes and beard permanently. Finally, we offer complementary tratments such as cosmetic camouflage, cosmetic eyelash volumizing and medical treatment.

Tratamiento Seguro y Efectivo

A Safe and Effective Treatment

The stem cells have been used for different treatments. Stem cell rejuvenation has been a particular area were a significant advance and best results can bee achieved. We have now extrapolated such techniques and concepts to the field of hair restoration.

One of the major advantages shown with the stean cell therapy is the increased level of success, this is due to its capability of restore the volume in areas where the subcutaneous tissue has been lost.

What is the process for Stem Cell Treatment?

First of all the stem cells are obtained via liposuccion and derived from the fat cells of the patient.The liposuccion can be done with local or general anesthesic. The procedure takes place in an operation room and under sterile conditions.

The fat cells from the patient can be obtained from different areas such as: abdomen,back,arms, chin, etc. Frequently the prefered area is under the belly button and the internal side of the lower leg.The selection of the area is done with previous medical assessment, the availability of fat tissue and the patient´s preferences.


Obtaining Stem Cells

The liposuccion is a procedure where a thin cannula is inserted, leaving a 1-2mm incision, with no visible scar (often compared to that gained from blood donation), there is no need for stitches. Once the fat cells have been collected and using a technique that allows to obtain a liquid full of stem cells in suspension,the material is ready to be injected in the areas subject to treatment.

Local anesthesic is aplied to the receptor area (head), followed by the injection of stem cells, which are normally done using a very fine needle (compared to those used to give a baby medication)

Painless Procedure

The Procedure lasts for 60 to 90 minutes and generaly talking is not painful, patients usually feels small needles punctures derived from the aplication of anesthesic. Patients that had undergo the procedure describe their experience as highly tolerable.

After the procedure the pain is minor in the donor area (area where the fat cells have been extracted). The sensation is compared to the disconfort felt after a session of intense excersise). Such pain is easy managed with painkillers, ibuprofen o paracetamol, as prescribed by the surgeon.

The results of the treatment can be seen after 10-12 weeks.

Restauración Capilar Células Madre

Advantages of Stem Cells Hair Restoration

  • Small Liposuccion: Posibility of carrying out the procedure under local anesthesic.
  • Versatility: The stem cells can be also obtain from bigger procedures such as full body lipossuccion etc. And under general anesthesic.
  • Overnigth stay at hospital is no necessary.The patients can continue with their normal activities.
  • Depending on the quantity of stem cells extracted the material can be used for other purposed such as lipofilling, hands, scars, body improvements among others.
  • There is no excesive manipulation of the stem cells, no cell crops or addition of biochemical agents is carried out.
  • We are pioneers with the aplication of stem cells to the treatment of hair loss and the improvement of eyebrow volume.

Stem cell Hair Restoration Using Stromal fraction derived from fat tissue.

In selected cases, for example in very thin patients where the obtention of the fat cells is not possible, or because of the patient preferences of not undergoing a lipoaspiration procedure, it is possible to apply stem cell stromal fraction already made available and commercialized.

The cells are plied on a weekly basis for 12 consecutive weeks.