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Hair transplant FUE, FUH,BHT

Restauration of stem cells

Capillary restoration with stem cells


With medical treatment…


Thanks to the beard transplant…

Eyebrow Transplant Eyelashes

The eyebrow and eyelash transplant allows…

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Dr. Felipe Pinzón

Capillary microsurgery,
Facial and maxillofacial plastic surgery

About Us

Our team is conformed of highly specialized and certified surgeons in hair microsurgery, facial and maxillofacial plastic surgery, dedicated to treat the hair loss in men and woman by using the most advanced and innovative techniques for dignosis and intervention.

Dr. Felipe Pinzón is a specialist in hair regeneration with stem cells. In Spain he is the forerunner of this novel technique of regeneration, stimulation and restoration of hair, beard, eyebrows and eyelashes by transferring stem cells  from fat tissue, obtaining great results among his patients, especially in the activation of hair follicles, hair growth, remarkable reduction of hair loss and thickening of new hair.

We offer high quality services including personalized analysis and diagnosis of hair diseases: hormonal, nutritional and hematological profiles. Also we have advanced trichoscopic analysis with high resolution microscopic images. Treatments and prevention for the hair loss in men and women include transfer of stem cells, hair transplant with the most advanced FUE techniques, as well as transplantation of eyebrows, eyelashes and beard with long-term follow-up. Likewise, complementary services such as cosmetic camouflage, voluminization of cosmetic eyelashes and complementary medical pharmacological treatment.

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Our doctors

  • Dr. Andrés Recalde

  • Dr. Felipe Pinzón